Music Lessons

Denny Scott

Denny can teach you to play any instrument you want and his lessons are scheduled by special appointment only. Contact the music store directly for more information (239-598-9954). Denny’s fans come from far and wide so by popular demand he also gives lessons over FaceTime/Skype. FaceTime –; Skype – live:naplesparkmusic




Michelle specializes in young children, beginner guitar, and young at heart adults who want to learn to play the guitar. Beginners are taught to play chords using popular songs. Additionally, finger drills and exercise are emphasized for proper technique and training. Students will learnt to read basic music notation to reinforce their skills. Call her at 239-370-8499 to schedule lessons. She charges $120 for four (4) 30-minute lessons. 



Music Instructor

Kirk’s 40 Years as a  live performer and instructor  makes him the leading teacher in the field of rock, blues, metal, and alternative styles. Students are taught to read music, play lead solos, and learn their favorite songs. Music theory and ear training, along with proper rhythm styles are also a main focus. Students from beginner to advanced will surely benefit from taking lessons. Kirk’s fee is $120 for four- thirty minute private lessons. To schedule a lesson time, call Kirk at 23-272-6194. He is also available for virtual lessons on Skype –



Music Instructor

Mike comes to Naples via the music capital of America. Nashville, Tennessee . His long list of country stars and musicians he has performed with clearly makes him the guitarist everyone wants to be. From intermediate to advanced, Mike will introduce even a seasoned picker to new ideas and a higher level of learning . Players who want to expand their guitar playing styles to include classical, finger style, bluegrass, blues and jazz chord melody will enjoy every lesson with Mike. He can be heard playing solo guitar every night at the Ritz Carlton. Mike charges $120 for four thirty minute lessons. To schedule a time with Mike, call 239-287-1485.



Music Instructor

Max is a graduate of Barron Collier High and is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University’s Bower School of Music. He has been playing the violin for 16 years, the guitar for 12  years. Max is the orchestra director at Gulf View Middle School. He has participated in numerous Solo/Ensemble events throughout middle and high school, and in 2006 he played with his orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Max is an excellent teacher for beginners or students that are looking to get better. Max charges $100 a month for 4 thirty-minute lessons and can be reached at 239-777-0041.


Anastasia Gera

Anastasia is an international singer with over 10 years performing experience. Originally from St Petersburg, Russia, she has been living and performing in many countries including Europe, Central America and toured around the US. Her jazzy-soultry voice reminds one of Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse. She takes on a personal approach teaching singing techniques in any musical style. Learn how to sing your favorite songs and wow yourself with your own gift! Call 781-491-7254 to schedule a singing lesson.  Anastasia’s fee is $120 for four (4)  30-minute private lesson.