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The Voyage Air Guitar


Artist Relations Blog: Backstage with Mumford & Sons
“It’s been a long journey since I first discovered Mumford & Sons at Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2010. Apparently, I was late on the scene for this dynamic group, they had one of the largest crowds gathered at the Festival that year, and I wasn’t even sure who they were.
“Well, it didn’t take long to see why they rose to popularity so quickly, their guitar driven show is one of the most musically pleasing shows that I’ve seen in a long time.
“I began to follow their sky-rocketing career and made it my mission to turn them on to Voyage-Air Guitar.”
Sound Clip: What Guitar is This?
We get recorded sound clips from Voyage-Air owners and enthusiasts… from all over the world. Clips of their music, and the incredible range of tones they get from their Voyage-Air guitar.
Recently, we were blown away by a particular clip. Can you identify the guitar that was used for this brief 15-second clip? At the outset, it stumped us too.
The Latest from the Acoustic Guitar Forum
For traveling, is it better to buy an inexpensive guitar, and leave it at your destination?
Or is it better to have a guitar that gives you the tone and playability that you need, and deal with the hassles of taking your guitar with you when traveling?
And then there’s Voyage-Air. Is it really a viable alternative?
Experienced players answer these questions with recent posts on the Acoustic Guitar Forum.
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